Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have noticed that I am often from 10 to 20 years ahead of the rest. It is verified and confirmed to be true.

It works like this: When the LORD inspires me and the Holy Spirit really falls on me (He is our Teacher and guide into all the Truth) He makes it all so plain, simple and straight. It works on the principle of compassion, which is leaving self, going out and feeling God the person, His nature the way He really is in truth.

When that happens there comes the divine teaching, agreeing all scriptures, but above all Holy Spirit expels all previously believed false ideas from the Scriptures. Most human ideas are subjective, which have even became holy church doctrines. Yet, they are in error therefore false. He repairs these errors and then renews my mind.

Because of the elapsed very long time, under the indoctrination, it is hard for people to grasp all that the H.S. teaches through me. It takes more time. But the Truth always wins. I get impatient and even angry that people are so slow. For this I apologize.

Being a forerunner and ahead of time is indeed very burdensome. If anyone can define a living sacrifice, I am it.   

Finally. The greatest revelation up to date is that Jesus said, ‘the Father is greater than I’ (a doctrine of Arius, in about 300 A.D., under the Roman Emperor Constantine. Arius was banned, but then compromised and the church got a new god called Jesus Christ. This was done on purpose to spite the Jewish God… I suppose). So the problem with that is self, no self-nullification, but self VS. self. This breeds religious bigotry and even fanaticism. When Jesus is the Firstborn Son of God and we are His siblings then all scriptures fit together perfectly, because the TRUTH (Holy Spirit) made it so.

The puzzle is made complete. Jesus had to overcome. He relinquished the (human) will and subjected Himself to the will of the Father (in Gethsemane). Then Revelations 3:21 makes perfect sense. Etc. On and on. The train of divine logic moves on. 

If Jesus was a walking God on earth then there was no need for submission and self-nullification. But the Bible trumpets our submission to God. That is the secret, which hardly anyone wants to know (I do not see any signs of it nor hear anything) and that is because of self, ego, and pride... I suppose. This also upsets me. So I leave it be. For sanity sake I switch to something else just to not lose my balance. These mental exercises I do constantly.

After resurrection Jesus said to Mary, I go to MY God and YOUR God. MY Father and YOUR Father. If we can be perfect as even the Father is perfect then what’s the problem (Matthew 5:48)?

If we can be sinless (1John 1:9 ; 5:18) then where is the problem? The problem is always the self and the pride of life.

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  1. I have witnessed first hand with Joseph and how the indoctrinated mind deals with something logical. I was never indoctrinated so it was easy to embrace something that made sense. Threats and fear tactics are the tell tale sign of indoctrination. The very fear of being deceived already greatly henders your progress for first they say trust your Father oh but dont for get those falken angels who He seems to just let them do as they ppleasenow while the preacher fight the good fight??? Now tell me if God is not fighting the by what spiirt are these prayer warriors led??? Fools following other stupid men who have long since passed but live as demons in the indoctrinated minds.



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